Recognize the future

In the future there is no room for blunders. That is why the experts at TINT developed 24 VISION SYSTEM. It is an intelligent and innovative system for your production environment and business. Thanks to machine vision and neural networks, the system can automate and digitize production processes and warehouse storage.

Invest into your future and become a part of Industry 4.0!


It is here and it sees. Thanks to its unique architecture, the system can quickly and reliably recognize the required characteristics of the product to the smallest detail. 24 VISION SYSTEM functions quite independently and at the same time is prepared for integration into your production systems (MES). 24 VISION SYSTEM is a solution of the future which will dramatically move forward and widen the possibilities for quality control. It also brings with it a whole range of benefits for its users.

Investments for the future

The experts at TINT can adapt 24 VISION SYSTEM to the widest range of industrial and security applications, and the results will always amaze you. With 24 VISION SYSTEM you get an effective tool for your production processes that will help you achieve considerable savings. It is only up to you how to invest those savings.